Promoting Pollinators at Your Place

Coal Slag Bunkers at Briarwood Country Club in Billings, MT

GCM Magazine

USGA Regional Updates for the West

Rhett Evans on environmental benefits of golf courses

Bees Among the Tees

Check out this USGA article on winter play USGA Green Section Record, Volume 53, Number 1, January 9, 2015

Effects of dew removal on Microdochium patch Oregon State University researchers looked at various forms of dew removal and their effects on Microdochium patch. They found that, compared to other methods, rolling significantly reduced disease severity.

Was I Trained for This? Article by Jason Lamb in Perfect Lie, July 2014

The Approach: Has This Buzzword Become Unsustainable?
Good article clearing up an otherwise overused term. It is important for superintendents to be advocates for the environment.

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